The Group was awarded in call 2020UVVI+D25052020PI+D  with grant corresponding to the "contrato- programa"  (Ref. 20VI-04) (01/10/2020 a 30/06/2021)


Together with the company CIE GALFOR we are developing the project "Research on aluminium  hot forging techniques for fabrication of large-size structural components in automotive (FORJAL II)"


We are developing the project "Research in electrochemical techniques for comprehensive water treatment for the generation of high-efficiency tunnels for washing and disinfecting plastic boxes (TULAV)" with the company INSERPYME Global


We are developing the project "Research in electrochemical techniques for recovery and comprehensive use of hot forging lubrication residues (REINTEGRA)" with the company CIE-Galfor

We just started the project "Research into new alloys and treatment techniques to increasee the durability of automotive crankshaft forging stamps (INCRESTA)" with the company CIE-Galfor


Next July 8th María Mosquera Feijoo will present in the EEI her doctoral thesis  "Influence of Surface Ash Layer on Dual Corrosion", supervised by Julia Cristóbal y Axel Kranzmann.


Project in collaboration with AIMEN and VMS Automotive for characterization of Li-ion batteries as a function of operating conditions.

The University of Vigo coordinates the project SAFEWAY (

The ENCOMAT group integrates in the INEX consortium located at the MTI ,  UVigo