ENCOMAT group member


Antonio Collazo
Antonio Collazo

Name:       Antonio
Surname:  Collazo
e-mail:      acollazo@uvigo.es
Tf:             + 34986812603
Position:    Associate Professor

Born 1965, in Vigo (Galicia, Spain). He graduated in chemical engineering (1989) and pursued postgraduate studies at the University of Barcelona in 1997. He holds the Welding Engineering and chemical engineering Master´s degrees from University of Vigo, where he obtained his PhD.

He joined the University of Vigo as Assistnat Professor in 1992 and since 1999 is Associate Professor to the Department of Engineering Materials, Applied Mechanics and Construction. His teaching activity is developed in the field of Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering.

He belongs to the ENCOMAT Group, where he performs his research activity, focused on materials characterization, the study of corrosion phenomena, and on the development of strategies to prevent it. More detailed information can found in the following links: SCHOLAR,  SCOPUS,  ORCID,  RiD