ENCOMAT group member


M. Consuelo Pérez

Name:       Mª Consuelo
Surname:  Pérez
e-mail:      mcperez@uvigo.es
Tf:            986 812 229
Position:   Associate Profesor 

Born in 1968 in Vigo, Galicia, Spain. She did chemistry studies (Degree at the Universtiy of Santiago de Compostela) and Doctorate at University of Vigo) between 1986-1999. 

Between 1996-2004, several predoctoral and postdoctoral stages were made (INETI (Lisboa, Portugal, Prof. Carmen Rangel), CNRS (París, Francia, Profs. Keddam and Takenouti), IETCC (Madrid, Prof. Carmen Andrade), el Politécnico de Milano ( Milano, Italia, Prof. Bolzoni) y en la Facultade de Engenharia, FEUP (Porto, Portugal, Prof. Sousa Coutinho). 

Since 2007 she holds an Associate Professor position (Materials Engineering) at the School of Industrial Engineering of the Vigo University, Spain. 

Her research is mainly oriented to the application of electrochemical techniques to various corrosion problems (reinforcing concrete, metalic coatings, protection against corrosion, …)